Westwood Lakes Saturday 27th July 2024


Matt Dawes
Defending Champion
Jason Redgrave
Tunnel Barn
Chris Reilly
Boldings Pools
Adam Playford
Lindholme Lakes
Gary Ainscough
Westwood Lakes
Kim de Page
Snakelake de Berenkuil
Alex Dawson
Partridge Lakes
Harry Campbell
Old Hough
Andy Bennett
The Oaks
James Woodfine
Moorlands Fishery
Kieran Marsden
The Glebe
Jamie Hughes
Weston Pools
Ben Townsend
Makins Fishery
Nick Speed
Hallcroft Fisheries
Jordan Holloway
Weston Pools
David Shires
Partridge Lakes
Harry Bignell
Westwood Lakes
Kim De Page
International Qualifier
Nico Kremer
International Qualifier
Leanne Knott
Women's National Qualifier


25 anglers who will compete in the 2024 FishOMania Grand Final. The match is fished to Angling Trust match rules with some local rules applying including no floating baits to be fed, barbless hooks must be used and no use of floating pole.

The competitors are weighed in every 30 minutes and at the conclusion of the five hour match, the angler with the greatest aggregate weight of the ten weigh-ins will be declared the champion.

The 25th spot at FishOMania will be taken up by the individual winner of the 2024 Angling Trust Junior/Youth National, based on highest overall weight. They will be joined by 22 qualifiers, 2023 FishOMania champion Matt Dawes and the Women’s National champion making this the biggest ever field in FishOMania history.

Prize Fund

Section Winner*

* Section Winner prize money is only paid to sections which do not produce the winner and runner-up


Westwood Lakes
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